Hey there everyone!

I'm Muhammad Aamir Mentor by ❤ and programmer by profession.

I write code and I make YouTube videos

Muhammad Aamir is a Full Stack Software Engineer, Entrepreneur, and a tech consultant.

Despite starting my journey in Android development after facing job rejection, at a time when I needed a job and didn't get one, If I had not faced rejection, I would be an employee in some company today. Thanks to that rejection, he realized his vision of starting his own company and became the founder and CEO of eTechViral LLC.

Muhammad Aamir excelled in tech and pays it forward. His platform, eTechViral LLC, provides free courses, empowering individuals and fostering education accessibility.


I have a dream: To grow the eTechViral LLC company to 5,000 employees right here in Pakistan in the coming few years. We're going to turn Pakistan into a tech giant that the whole world will rely on. We'll reach a point where our contributions are so vital, the world wouldn't want to do without us. My goal is to serve not just our nation, but to make our mark globally.

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